While You’re Away

Targeted to our seasonal residents, for complete peace-of-mind no matter where you are, we highly recommend our “While You’re Away” service which consists of weekly inspections of your home.  There is nothing worse than coming back to your home, in which you only spend a few months a year, and finding out there is some major flood in your master bath or the air conditioning has failed.  At BBM, we will prevent that from happening to you, and leave you with more time to enjoy your vacation home.  BBM will supply monthly detailed reports that will be forwarded to the homeowner, to keep your mind at ease that we are taking good care of your home.




During each inspection we check:

*General security

*Pest problems

*Weather and/or water damage

*Air conditioning system upkeep

*Electrical system

*Plumbing system

*Pool and Landscape Maintenance


With our “While You’re Away” package, BBM will:

*Provide emergency response to any security system alarms, 365 days per year

*Monitor severe weather warnings and provide emergency preparations(Check out our Hurricane Prep Package)

*Provide access to your home for third parties with homeowner authorization

*Contact any necessary contractors for repairs

*Schedule any property maintenance (Landscapers, Pool Cleaners, etc.)


This package is a popular choice for those who enjoy the seasonal changes of their northern residences and also the ideal South Florida climate in the winter.

For those part time/seasonal residents, it is reassuring to know that someone will “keep an eye” on their home while they are away. With our service, the homeowner contracts to have their house inspected (in their absence) to ensure that there are no signs of leaks, insect or pest problems, security system alerts, or other visible maintenance needs. A complete interior and exterior inspection of the home is conducted with close attention paid to proper operation of the mechanical systems including air conditioning, pool and spa equipment, plumbing, and electrical systems.

When repairs or maintenance are needed, homeowners can rest assure that Brick by Brick Management will be there to contact the necessary vendors.  When using preferred vendors, the homeowner will feel confident that the vendor is licensed, bonded and properly insured. The quality of the workmanship and timeliness of completion will also be monitored by our management team.